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Middle-aged rock band with stiff moves announces debut record and release show.


The Ronnie Buxtons announce the release of their debut album “Getting Together” with a free event on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. at 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis.

“Getting Together” is being released by the band’s own Wooden Jetty Records label and it will be available for download starting Tuesday, April 28.
The album features 11 original genre-spanning songs from a Minnesota band made up of veterans of the Minneapolis music scene. The musical terrain covered includes pop rock, baroque pop and classic good time rock n’ roll. It’s fun, catchy and danceable. There’s even some sax on it. The tracks are the first 11 songs the band wrote, but not in that order. The record was produced by The Ronnie Buxtons with Neil Weir at The Old Blackberry Way Studio, Jacques Wait at The Terrarium and Nick Johnson at CitySound.

Songs to consider for radio: Back to ‘93, Groovy, and All Banged Up
“Getting Together” is the first album of a two-record concept. The second record will be called “Breaking Up,” which will be released when the band can’t stand each other and breaks up.
The Ronnie Buxtons from Minneapolis, MN came together in early 2013 after Steve Barone was reunited with his long lost Schecter guitar that was out of his possession for a decade. Band members quickly came into the fold and their first show was in May of that year. Their sound is influenced by The Cars, The Kinks, The Ronettes, Weezer and Guided By Voices.
Who the hell is Ronnie Buxton?

Ronnie Buxton is not a real person and not the name of anyone in the band. Ronnie Buxton is the name of the fake manager that appeared on a fake press release for the band early on. The band was having a hard time coming up with a band name so they took on the fake manager name, added “The” and made Buxtons plural. Inspiration for the fake manager came from Tony Clifton, an Andy Kaufman character.
The Ronnie Buxtons:

Steve Barone – Vocals/Guitar (Lifter Puller, The Hawaii Show)

Adam Anderson – Guitar/Vocals

Misha Dashevsky – Drums/Vocals (American Monsters, Die Electric)

Jeaneen Gauthier – Violin/Keys/Vocals (Jan, Debi-7, The Autumn Leaves)

Scott Cook – Bass (The Porcelain Boys, Bombsite, AMP 176)

Fun Fact:

As of 2014, Steve Barone is in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Mashed Potato Wrestling Championships under the name Steve O’Gratin, his spudtastic alter ego.